The Devil’s Wife (#3)


Series: Devil’s Kiss (#3)
Genre: Dark erotic romance
Word count: 48,000

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No one claims marriage is easy. That is especially true for Kayla Sutton, because she’s married to a sadist who takes the meaning of the word “dominance” to new heights.

But Kayla should have known. She fell for his wicked ways after he blackmailed her, stayed after he kidnapped her, went back to him after he almost destroyed them both with his unpredictable fury.

Then she married him.

A year has passed since Kayla agreed to love, honor, and obey. Day after day, she survives his volatile nature. On her knees at his feet, underneath him between the sheets, bent over the bed to receive the fiery lash of his belt. But she’s beginning to miss the one thing she promised Gage Channing when she married him: her freedom.

NOTE TO READERS: The Devil’s Wife is a continuation of The Devil’s Kiss series. For a better reading experience, please begin with book 1 before reading the Devil’s Wife. For mature audiences only. Includes explicit and disturbing subject matter that may offend some readers.


“This third installment of the series is nothing short of fantastic! It’s dark, twisted and super sexy!!” — Melissa, Alpha Book Club

“This story has been so compelling since the first installment that once I pick it up, I can’t put it down. The characters are very commanding and heartbreaking, but sometimes make me see red!” — Rough Draft Book Blog

“Gage did not disappoint in this book. He is ever the mean brute that we despise but cannot help but want him. Even after nearly a year of marriage, his intensity is magical as ever. ” — Crystal, Book Loving Fairy


“Don’t you dare walk out that door.” Though Gage wore a neutral expression for show, his tone dropped to a range that never failed to ring my warning bells. “We aren’t done here, Kayla.”

How could he wipe all signs of feeling from his face? Was part of him always pretending? Always keeping an iron grip on control?

“I can’t even look at you,” I said, not giving a shit if the entire floor heard me.

All sign of pretenses vanished. He tugged me into his office and slammed the door. “How do you address me?”

“You don’t get to be my Master today. Today you’re just my husband who [omitted due to spoilers] and failed to mention it.”

He hauled me to the desk, his fingers grasping my bicep with enough strength to bruise. “You will call me Master, even if I have to beat it out of you.” He reached for his belt. “Bend the fuck over and lift your skirt.”


His mouth formed a severe line. He wasn’t used to being defied. And he hadn’t punished me out of anger in so long that the determination in his hands as he unbuckled his belt tore through me. I hadn’t stepped out of line since we’d married. Not that he knew of, anyway.

“You don’t tell me no.” He lunged for me, grabbed a fist full of my hair, and forced me over his desk. My palms slapped the smooth surface. “Fuck, Kayla. Your defiance is only turning me on.” He kicked my legs apart and thrust his fingers into me.

I pushed to my toes with a startled cry.

“Who am I?” His grip on my hair tightened.

“A liar.”

“Wrong.” Slowly, he inched his thumb into my ass, igniting a ring of fire I couldn’t escape. My stomach roiled from the intrusion.

“Gage, stop.”

“You don’t issue the orders. I’m your Master, and if I want to finger your tight little asshole, I will.”

I struggled for about two seconds before flopping onto the desk, my body a boneless mess of defeat. Fighting him only prolonged the pain. My breaths blasted the mahogany surface of his workspace. I relaxed my muscles and accepted his probing thumb.

Accepted that I was helpless.

The hardest part of accepting that I was helpless was accepting that I’d put myself in this position. I’d married him when I should have walked. Loved him when I should have hated him. Bent when I should have stood on my own two feet and not only said no, but meant it.

Instead, I found myself bent over with my ass bared. Again. And the truly fucked up part was my body’s reaction to everything this man did to me.

“Your cunt is so damn wet, Kayla. It doesn’t lie. And that low groaning in the back of your throat? That’s you begging me to take you, whether you want to admit it or not.”

“Fuck you, Gage.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’m sorry to break it to you, but two of your holes are occupied at the moment, and the only one left is spewing some dirty shit right now.”

“Oh my God, you’re insufferable.”

“Say it, Kayla.”

“I’m not calling you Master.”

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