The Devil’s Spawn New Release Giveaway

The Devil’s Spawn is LIVE! Release day is finally here, and I’m so excited to share an epic giveaway with you all! Eight awesome prizes, including a $25 Amazon gift card and a Devil’s Kiss tote filled with signed paperbacks of the entire series will go to one lucky winner. Click here for more info and to enter!


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Kayla Sutton has finally submitted.

And now that Gage has his wife firmly under his control again, he won’t stop until he’s extracted every last independent drop from her being.

As each day passes, she learns new ways to accept his dominion. After all, she has a lot to atone for. Flirting with disaster with her ex-lover turned brother-in-law might be forgivable, but it’s not so easily forgotten.

And neither are skeletons. If there’s one thing Kayla has learned it’s that skeletons don’t just come out of the closet; they bust through with the power of a locomotive, mindless of the destruction they cause.

For the sake of her sanity, Kayla must make a tough decision, even if it means leaving everything behind.


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2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Spawn New Release Giveaway

  1. WOW. What a great series and ending. I have this love-hate of Gage but was pulling for him in the end. I really wanted him to have his own children. Gemma wrote a great series and I would recommend anyone to read the series.

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