Epiphany: Parts 1-3 now available in a bundle!

I’m happy to announce that all three parts of Epiphany are now available in one volume! Much thanks to Rebecca Berto at Berto Designs for putting together these fantastic covers.


I’ve always seen things in my dreams I can’t explain, but the reality of Aidan blindsides me, his mere presence a captivating force I can’t fight. What’s worse…I don’t want to. He burrows under my skin and unearths my biggest secret, even as he hides his own demons. Then he warns me away. Stubborn man.

I know the timing is dangerous. Details of the Hangman’s next kill are trickling into my dreams like a leaky faucet, and Aidan and I set out to stop him. But who will save us? Especially from the secret that obliterates the foundation of everything I believed to be true.

I don’t know if we can survive this.


Epiphany Pt 1 - Gemma James - eBook  Epiphany Pt 2 - Gemma James - eBook  Epiphany pt3 ebook


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