Jumping on the Facebook Group Bandwagon


There’s been a lot of chatter in Facebook land lately. Some are spelling out doomsday for artists and entrepreneurs, but I don’t know if any of us really know what to expect. I’m taking the wait and see approach, especially since social media is an ever-shifting entity, kind of like the publishing industry nowadays.

To make a long post short, I decided to create a Facebook group for fans, since the organic reach of fan pages have steadily declined over the past few months, and it appears that’s about to get worse. A lot of authors seem to be going the same route by creating closed groups specifically for readers. Others are jumping ship altogether and hanging out on tsu. I’m not ready for that move yet though. Facebook algorithms and advertising policies aside, a group sounds like a good way to get to know you all that much easier! It’s a small group to start, but I think it’ll grow over time. It’s just another avenue where you’ll be sure to never miss out on a new release, promotion, or contest. Interested in joining us on Facebook? Come check out Gemma’s Naughty Nook!

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