Review: Deliver by Pam Godwin

DeliverPam Godwin’s writing style pulled me in from the very beginning of Deliver. She writes in wonderful detail, drawing her characters with each word. I was especially impressed when Van first came onto the scene. She painted his character in a way that brought the scene to life, and I could see him sitting in that car with Liv, his face partially concealed by a hoodie.

The story begins with Liv basically stalking her next victim, only Joshua is different from other men she’s taken and trained; he’s a virgin. He’s also an all around wholesome guy with his life in front of him. He’s older than the other guys she’s taken before, which makes breaking him harder than she anticipated. I’ve gotta give it to Josh–he is one stubborn and tough cookie. Despite all the torture Liv unleashes on him (in scenes that are described in a chilling and vivid fashion), he refuses to break. Instead, he falls head over heels for Liv and sets out to save her.

I loved Josh’s character. He’s the type of guy us women swoon over in contemporary romances. What makes this book so unique is its darkness, and the role reversals of the woman being the captor.

Liv is a likable character too, and she’s almost as much a victim. I say almost because though I can understand the motivation driving her to do what she does, she still made the choice to alter the lives of so many people by taking them and training them for sexual slavery.

There is a twist toward the end, or actually, a couple of them, but I’m not sure how I feel about them. I think a little foreshadowing would have helped in this case. The other thing that bothered me was the middle. It lagged for a bit, in which I was able to put the book down, but on either side of this lull, this was through and through a page turner that kept me up into the wee hours. I lost sleep to this book. Actually, I lost a day and half because I just had to finish it.

It was so worth it though. I highly recommend this to lovers of dark and suspenseful stories that push the boundaries and make you squirm, make your eyeballs bulge, and leave you going “WTF?” in the most delightful yet disturbing ways. 4 dark stars!



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