Promoting Free and Bargain Erotica Ebooks

Pixel of Ink and eReadernewstoday. What do these sites have in common? They’re well-known sites for finding bargain and free ebooks but they don’t feature erotica. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to promote a freebie or bargain book, paying for promotion or not–some won’t accept erotica and others don’t have a category for it. As an erotica author, I’ve had to search far and wide for sites where I can promote my sales and freebies. More sites are popping up all the time now, as erotica is becoming too huge of a genre to be ignored, but it’s still difficult to get the word out in comparison to non-erotic works. I experienced this firsthand when I ran a free promo back in October for my new adult/romantic suspense novel. I found countless sites to submit that book to, but that isn’t the case with the steamier stuff.

So let me do some of the work for you and list a few places I’ve found where you can submit or find those erotic gems no one else will promote.

  1. BookBub. I’m putting this one as number one because I’ve analyzed the results and have seen how well the books they send out in their newsletter do in the Amazon rankings. The downside? BookBub is insanely expensive to list even a freebie, and it’s difficult to get accepted for an ad–I’ve tried several times and have heard of other authors getting denied as well (such as a new adult author who recently made the Amazon bestsellers list after BookBub turned her down). But if you have the cash to spend and get lucky enough to receive an acceptance email, I’d go for it.
  2. Booksends. I haven’t used this site yet, but they do have an erotic romance category available. They’re set up a lot like BookBub, though I don’t think they get the same results. The upside is they are a lot cheaper, so it might be worth a try if you’re looking for paid advertising. 
  3. Awesome Gang. I believe they only feature freebies, but the good news is you can submit yours for free. They also offer a guaranteed ad on the front page and placement in their newsletter for $10.  
  4. The Fussy Liberian. This is a newer site that sends out books in a newsletter. As of this date you can submit your books for free, as they’re still working on expanding, but in the future they’ll charge for ads. Readers can sign up for their newsletter to get recommendations based off personal preferences. 
  5. Booktastik. Another newsletter based site. They have yet to launch (will do so in about another week or so!). I’ve been talking to one of the admins on Facebook and she said they’ll charge $10 for book submissions to begin with. Readers can choose the genres they want to receive in their inboxes, and erotica is among them. 
  6. World Literary Cafe. I’ve used this site’s forums many times. It’s free and easy to post your freebies! I definitely recommend this one to promote and find freebies.
  7. Kindle Book Promos. This site has free and paid advertising available, and they’ve even added a Kindle Countdown Deal submission page.
  8. Korner Kafé eXposed. They accept bargain, freebies, Kindle Countdown Deals, and new releases to promote on their Facebook page. Free to submit, so check them out! This link is solely for erotica–Korner Kafe also has links to promote non-erotic ebooks and paperbacks.
  9. What to read after Fifty Shades of Grey. This is a Facebook page dedicated to offering fans of Fifty Shades of Grey book recommendations, though I noticed they promote all kinds of genres. Check out the FAQ tab at the top to find out how to submit your titles.
  10. UPDATED: I got a message on Goodreads about this site, so I thought I’d add it as well. The Naughty List accepts bargain and freebies. 

And speaking of Facebook, I recommend doing a search for keywords such as free erotica, bargain erotica, cheap ebooks, Kindle deals, etc…the keyword combinations are probably endless but you might stumble onto a page or two that allows you to promote your erotica (just read through the page’s notes or “About” sections to make sure they allow you to post to their page–last thing you want to do is spam someone.) Same goes for Twitter. You can find a lot of Twitter accounts that welcome tweets about freebies or bargain ebooks, even erotica.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I hope it’s helpful! Good luck with your promotions, and if you stopped by as a reader, I hope you found some new resources for finding cheap and free erotica!

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