AW Blog Chain: The End (of the World)

1752a-lincolnThe theme for this month’s blog chain at Absolute Write Water Cooler is the end of the world. With December 21st approaching, it’s a good topic to write about. You’ll find a list of other participating bloggers at the end who are also writing of doom and destruction. 

The Divide

It all began the year the Mayan calendar caused a panicked frenzy about the world coming to an end. As December 21st approached, more people failed to think with reason or logic. Chaos ensued. People made drastic decisions born of fear: selling everything they owned; quitting jobs; engaging in risky sexual relations. Some would die from sexually transmitted diseases, and some would end up homeless and addicted to alcohol or drugs because they’d given up everything and would turn to the streets. Others would lose spouses and friends. 

The world was so preoccupied with this day—whether to ridicule and laugh, or tremble and prepare—that no one recognized how the real end of the world was upon us. 

The end of our world as we knew it.

The United States was being torn apart by our own people, and the dividing line was purple. On each side stood citizens too stubborn in their ways to see the harm their endless bickering would cause. No one foresaw this. 

Yet they should have. We all should have. But people were too caught up in the supposed prophecy of doom set into motion five hundred years ago. They failed to think about our more recent history, to remember a young country divided a mere hundred and fifty years ago. 

Nobody stopped to think what a civil war in these times would mean. It wouldn’t be an isolated event, fought between two demographics on the same soil; no, a divide this deep and wide wouldn’t be ours alone—our enemies would use our division to our destruction, and unlike a hundred and fifty years ago, they now had the technology to do it.  

And so they did. 

The first state to secede the union was Texas, and ironically their breakaway became official on January 20, 2013, the day the President many held responsible for the divide was sworn in for a second term. More states quickly followed, and the United States was united no more. A second government formed. Military was divided. The country became lopsided in power and in resources, and when our enemies realized our vulnerability, they struck. 

Of course, our allies got involved, and our civil war became World War Three. 

I set my pen down and turn away from my notebook. I can’t bring myself to write about the first bomb, or the endless people who bloodied the streets of our nation. Candlelight makes it possible to write these words—words that nobody will ever read. The power went out days ago. My apartment is cold and dark, and that somehow makes the sirens more dismal. 

I know it’s coming soon. My end of the world. No barricade of furniture will keep the end at bay. Hysteria and screaming slice the night, growing louder the closer it gets. Glass breaks, and the floor shakes as a bomb lands nearby. 

I bring my hands together, close my eyes, and pray to whoever is listening. A blanket of peacefulness settles over me, and I don’t hear the next explosion. 

Thanks for reading!

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17 thoughts on “AW Blog Chain: The End (of the World)

  1. This is all the more powerful because it could happen. I think many people can at least agree we are not the united nation we once were, and that can certainly be used against us. Good job on this.

  2. Thanks for the comments, everyone. i've been without internet for the past day (and going through major withdrawal!), otherwise I would have replied sooner. I'm glad you all like this. I figured it might upset some, but this was my way of venting my frustration over the recent petitions to secede the union, and I couldn't vent to certain family and friends because some of them are all for it. So what better way to vent than through words of fiction? Thanks for reading. 🙂

  3. Thank you. I'm feeling a bit pessimistic these days. I cringe to think of what will happen should we ever become truly and officially divided.

  4. Great take on the theme. You did a really good job to describe the idea with just the right amount of words. It moved quickly but felt very full – it was easy to picture the whole mess happening. The change in perspective at the end brought it all into something more personal, which brings out more emotions in the reader. Well done.

  5. Pretty nіce post. I јuѕt stumblеd upon your wеblog аnd ωished to say that I havе truly enjoyed ѕurfing around уour blog
    poѕts. Ӏn any case I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  6. I just wanted to shout out a big thank-you to everyone who stopped by and commented. I'm so glad this hectic month is almost over! Happy New Year!

  7. Here is my New Years resolution: To respond to my friends'blogs and to always applaud with a special mention, all the positivity and hope I encounter in the world around me. Well, Two stars to you, Christina, for ending your article on a positive note, and… for being one of my New-Years' resolutions. Cheers! Prosperity is coming your way.

  8. Cheers to you too! I'll definitely toast on prosperity, as 2012 was a very trying year. Hope you have a wonderful new year, Joss.

  9. Okay, I just realized what time you posted your comment, Joss. 11:11. I told you, those numbers are haunting me, lol!

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