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Things That Go Bump in the Woods: Bigfoot

The term “otherworldly” conjures thoughts of ghosts for many, but for this month’s blog chain over at Absolute Write Water Cooler—in which otherworldly is the writing prompt—I wanted to explore another facet of all things paranormal. 


Have you ever been in the woods when suddenly the hair on the back of your neck stands on end? I think at some point in all our lives, we experience this fight or flight instinct—the intuition that we ARE NOT ALONE. 

(Cue the creepy music . . .)

I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I’m no stranger to stories of Bigfoot. In fact, my ex-husband and his entire family are firm believers—they’ve seen things in the woods that they can’t explain. The thing I love most about Oregon’s forested lands is the air of mystery within them. When the fog rolls in and the rain turns the ground to mud, and even in the dead of winter when we’re still surrounded by green, this is never more true. According to, 48% of the state is covered by forest. That’s a lot of territory—we’re talking 30+ million acres. I can only imagine how much of that land is uninhabited. 

Or is it?

Many believe it is home to a species of ape-like men. Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti . . . no matter what you call this creature, he and his kind have been part of our histories and legends for hundreds of years. Even the Native Americans have recorded stories of Bigfoot, in which they describe them as foul smelling and uncivilized. There are also conflicting beliefs on whether or not Bigfoot is an aggressive beast. Some tales paint him a monster, a creature that snatches women and children in the middle of the night. However, most stories I’ve read or heard tell of a being that is fundamentally shy, curious even, but exists in isolation from humanity. It would explain why this creature, or “humanoid,” remains a myth: With so much uninhabited land in the regions where Bigfoot sightings have occurred, is it really such a stretch to consider that they’ve adapted over the years and have perfected the art of staying hidden?

Dr. Matthew Johnson, while hiking with his family near the Oregon Caves National Park, recounts a tale similar to others: a tall creature with dark fur covering his body, accompanied by a horrible smell. What makes this particular story interesting is the fact that it happened in broad daylight. You can find his story here

To wrap up this little forage into the vast, and sometimes creepy, woods, I’d like to come back to the concept of “otherworldly.” Why do certain ideas or beliefs fall under this definition? Is it lack of science? Lack of proof? Lack of a general consensus? Or perhaps it’s the unsettling feeling we get when the unknown remains unknown, yet we know something is there. The unexplainable isn’t always easy to explain, and it’s my belief that humans are curious creatures. 

Maybe we have that in common with Bigfoot. 

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15 thoughts on “AW Blog Chain: Otherworldly

  1. I was near the Oregon-California border not too long ago and decided that as vast as the forests are, there should be archaeological proof of any large mammal that roams the woods.

    But I think people like to believe in what cannot be proven BECAUSE it can't be proven wrong (you can't prove a negative). It gives us freedom to create our own beliefs and our own control over those beliefs. We all like to cling to the illusion of control over our world.

  2. I think that's probably true, especially the part about wanting to control our world. I admit though, I'm not the staunchest skeptic. I believe that there may be proof out there, but maybe it's not substantial. New species are discovered all the time, so for me it's reasonable to think that there might be something undiscovered out there. Just because it can't be proven now, doesn't mean it won't ever.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. 🙂

  3. I grew up in Southern California, so we were always hearing stories about Big Foot. I think some of why the mystery exists is that new discoveries still continue to be made. There was a bird thought to be long extinct, and it was spotted in the woods and caught on film. Who's to say that there just aren't a lot of Big Foots out there to be caught on film?

  4. Did you read about the women in BC who were out berry picking and spotted a Bigfoot? I love the thought that there are creatures out there that are hiding from us. Just because no one's proven they exist doesn't mean they aren't real. 🙂

  5. My thoughts, if they are out there they are smart to stay far far away from humans. As for never finding a body of one, well there are many places they could stash their dead that we'd never find them.

  6. An engaging read, interesting and thought provoking as well. Have to wonder if a remnant of cave men may still exist in the shadows, which may explain some of the sightings. Hope my feet are moving cartoon fast if I ever engage one–yikes!!!

  7. I want to believe too! I can't help but believe, as I have an open mind. Not so sure I'd want to see one though. That would be scary.

  8. Thanks for pointing me to that story. I looked it up, and then that got me onto Lock Ness. Lol, it's funny how the Internet has a way of taking us from one subject to another.

  9. That's exactly what I was thinking. I don't believe they are as primitive as people might think. If they do exist, and have been hiding all these years, then I'd wager they are capable of intelligence.

  10. I'll take your use of the words “don't think” as the possibility that you want to believe. 😉 Sometimes, it is fun to be scared. I guess it depends on what it is.

  11. Yikes, indeed. I can't even imagine. Before I wrote this post, I took my sons and our dog to the woods to take the photo above. At the time I wasn't creeped out at all, but when I sat down to write this, and thought about going back, it made me uncomfortable. We never know what is out there. Of course, I wrote this late at night, and everything always seems less creepy in the light of day. 🙂

  12. I love the rumors and mysteries surrounding BigFoot. There's such a large amount of uninhabited area in North America that it is quite plausible that a creature like BigFoot does exist.

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