Netflix Marathon: The Secret Circle

173cc-the2bsecret2bcircleA couple of weeks ago I came down with a nasty virus, and as far as I’m concerned, there’s no better excuse to lounge around like a couch potato and go on a marathon television frenzy. So when I wasn’t passed out on Nyquil, I watched the entire season of The Secret Circle.

The one-season series begins with a wham when a teenager’s mother is murdered. Magic is involved, and Cassie Blake (the teenager) goes to live with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington, where she discovers she’s a witch; in fact she’s one of the special six that are descendants of a long line of witches. Thus the Secret Circle begins, where Cassie learns to use her power, falls for her fellow witch’s boyfriend (who happens to be her destined soul mate and is also a witch himself), and is caught up in the usual good vs. evil battle. The twist in all of this is Cassie’s paternity—her father is of dark magic blood, and Cassie has to deal with her own special powers—powers that are far stronger than those of the other witches in the circle.

I really got caught up in the series and was disappointed to find out it was canceled after only one season. I hate when they do that! So I was thrilled when I discovered The Secret Circle was based off a trilogy of books written by L.J. Smith. It reminds me of how I discovered the Twilight Saga. I saw the movie, was hooked, and then heard about the books.

As far as The Secret Circle trilogy goes, it was a quick and easy read, though it was a lot different from the show. There seemed to be more magic on the screen, and in the books twelve witches make up the circle, while there’s only six on the show. Also, I liked Cassie’s character more in print; on the show she became a little annoying toward the end.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad way to waste a few days while down with a yucky illness. These discoveries make me realize just how many TV shows and movies come from books. Which books have you stumbled upon after seeing the movie or TV show? Or maybe it was the other way around and you read the book first. Feel free to share your discoveries—I’d love to read about them.

4 thoughts on “Netflix Marathon: The Secret Circle

  1. Would you recommend that I read the Secret Circle? I saw a couple episodes of the show in the middle of the season and to be honest, couldn't really get into it. But based on your summary of the premise, there seems to be some similarities with my “Danvers”. I was just wondering if you think I would glean anything useful from reading those books.

  2. I hope you're over the virus. I do the same thing when I'm sick, pile on the blankets and stare at the TV. 🙂 I've never heard of 'The Secret Circle'but I might try to catch an episode.

  3. I am over being sick, thanks. 🙂 You should check out the series; you might like it, especially if you're into witches. Thanks for stopping by, Tina.

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