The manifestation of 111

rusty metal background with number 111

I’m not a superstitious person. Black cats don’t bother me. Ladders don’t scare me. If I spill salt I get angry because, well, have you tried sweeping that stuff up? But I don’t cower in fear waiting for the mother load of bad luck to fall upon me.

I am, however, a bit of a nutcase when it comes to the number 1, or more accurately, the number 1 in triple and quad form. In the beginning of 2011, I began seeing these numbers everywhere—and I do mean everywhere.

A few examples:

  • On my odometer
  • On license plates
  • On Facebook—niece’s number of friends (111), the time stamp of posts (1:11, 11:11)
  • On my favorite critique site (writers’ novel rankings, number of posts in forums)
  • While Googling (search results returned with 111,000 pages on the dot, MORE than once)
  • Heart rate when I begin a workout? 111
  • The bonus prize for the six spot Keno ($111)—I took that as a sign and played the six spot and ended up winning $90 (numbers played were 1, 11, 22, 65, 74—had I chosen 47 instead of 65 I would have hit all six and won $2500 + $111 bonus). If you haven’t noticed already, 4+7=11
  • On 1/11/11 I played the Megabucks lottery. Yep, 1 and 11 hit. I came really close, but only got 3 out of 6
  • On the way home from the coast one night, I saw 111 on my odometer twice in a half hour. My friend’s daughter had to use the restroom, so we stopped. I’m a Keno addict, so of course I played. $3 dollar ticket, with the numbers 1, 11, 21 played, won me $141
  • The street number of my insurance agent is 111. The office is on 47th street
  • I went on a My So-Called Life marathon last summer on Netflix. Angela’s address is 1110
  • My garbage bill every three months is $111

There have been many more incidences, to the point where I laugh now and say “these numbers are stalking me”. And they happen more than once a day. I even Googled them to search for possible meanings. Turns out a lot of other people see these numbers, too. I found information ranging from angels, to divine signs indicating a person is on the right path, to demons and evil spirits (yikes!).

I tend to lean toward the “on the right path” theory, especially since last year was the beginning of my venture from writer to author (not there yet, but working on it).

What bizarre story would be complete without mentioning this blog’s initiation? My first comment ever was time stamped 11:11 PM. Unfortunately, I ended up deleting it when I moved the excerpt to Epiphany onto it’s own page. Major oversight on my part.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Just a coincidence? Or am I being stalked by Satan, as my husband suggests, LOL! He was kidding. I think.

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