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I thought now would be the perfect time to talk about On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves, especially since she just announced on her blog a few days ago that MGM is going to make a movie out of her novel. I’m sure there’s a collective “squee” from fans all across the blogosphere. I’m no exception. I loved the novel, loved the characters, and loved the storyline.

A little about On the Island:
Anna and TJ are on their way to meet up with TJ’s family for the summer when their plane goes down in the middle of the ocean. She’s a thirty-year-old teacher hired to tutor him, and he’s a sixteen-year-old boy recovering from cancer. What follows is a story of survival as Anna and TJ learn to provide for their basic needs, all the while coping with isolation and the possibility that they will never be rescued. Throw in a few nasty storms, a hungry shark, and illness and injury, and On the Island is an irresistible read full of romance and adventure.
Yes, you read that right. Romance. I can guess what many of you might be thinking: but TJ is only sixteen! The uniqueness of their relationship is what really sets this story apart from your average “stranded on a desert island” plot. Tracey Garvis Graves handles the difference in age well. TJ has experienced life in ways that his peers couldn’t begin to understand. Fighting cancer has caused him to look at life differently. Add to that being stuck on an island for over three years, and he’s years ahead maturity-wise. And Anna is not without morals. She struggled with the age difference as their romance blossomed slowly, coming to a head after they’d been on the island for a couple of years. I’ve got to give a thumbs up to the author for her ability to create a world where falling in love seems so natural, despite the age difference.
I’ll say no more. Go see for yourself what makes On the Island such a memorable read. Purchase at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Review: On the Island By Tracey Garvis Graves

  1. This book is wonderful! I am a Kindle fanatic and this book was suggested on another Kindle fanatic's page. It was worth every cent! I have found a new author and look forward to seeing if her other books are as good as this one.

    I loved the characters, I loved how they interacted everyday and how their relationship evolved. It was beautiful. I was so engrossed by the story of how they made it on the island and how they survived everything that happened to them. I couldn't stop reading because I had to know what happened next. The author made their situation so believable and interesting. Anna and TJ became real people to me while I was reading this story. So much that at the end I felt bad about the age gap because I felt this would shorten their lives together in the end. And they aren't even real people!

  2. I know just what you mean! I get way too involved with characters in books–I guess that's part of the appeal of reading. I couldn't put On the Island down. It was a very memorable story. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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