The Start of a Novel

d7723-penflowerWhat do cows have in common with a romantic thriller novel? My demented mind.
My creative wheels began to turn back in January, 2008, thanks to a bunch of cows. I’d been working at a local family-owned convenience store (known for their high quality dairy products) for about two months when I was required to attend orientation, which included touring the corporate office, the dairy factory, and the dairy farm. While the person conducting the tour went on about how they cared for the cows, it suddenly occurred to me that the sole purpose for their existence was to produce milk. They were little more than milk-making machines and stayed in the stalls, content to be used (and moved) when the time came to get milked for all they were worth. Don’t get me wrong—I have no issues with the treatment of the cows as they took good care of them, but it did spawn an idea.
I like to call it an epiphany. What if we were the cows? Visions went off in my head, and I saw some sci-fi futuristic scene involving the grand mother ship, where we lowly humans were baby-making machines—it was Hell on Earth.
So how does this have anything to do with EPIPHANY? Other than the “epiphany” part, absolutely nothing. But I’d put my thinking cap on and there was no taking it off. That single, crazy idea led down the path of many more, and those ideas led to the creation of Aidan and Mackenzie. I guess my mind works in weird ways. I chewed on all kinds of ideas for months, never writing a word until I learned of National Novel Writing Month (check it out if you haven’t already: NaNoWriMo), and on November 1st (oddly enough 11-1, but that’s another blog post!) I started writing. When November 30th rolled around, I’d actually finished something for the first time in my life. I reached 50,000 words in a month. Far from a finished idea, or even a story, but certainly the groundwork that got me this far.
Funny, how life works in such twisted, mysterious ways. Or maybe that’s just the way my mind works.

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